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Othello history


Iago: Venice: A Janpath (entry of Roderigo and Iago) Roderigo: Be quiet too, never say such a thing to me. I am very sorry for this, Iago, that I considered you as ‘lord’ of my wealth just like myself, yet you do such a thing. Oath of God. But you don’t let me speak. If I myself have ever thought such a thing even in a dream, do not look at my face. Roderigo: You told me you hate him. Iago: Don’t hate me if I don’t. Three eminent persons of the city took off the cap and prayed him to appoint me his lieutenant, and I swear by faith, I know my worth; No one can have a lower position for me than this. But bloated in his pride, engrossed in his intentions, he defers his request by making long, broad, bold words from the military terminology and the words of those who recommend me are empty. He tells them, believe me, I have chosen my assistant officer. And who is this assistant officer? In fact a serious mathematician, a man named Michael Casio, a citizen of Florence. A man whose wife is so beautiful that she will take him straight to hell. The man

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