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How to celebrate Mother’s Day

Today we will discuss a most important topic that how to celebrate mothers day.


1. Bring mom flowers! How about a bouquet with flowers that symbolize your relationship?

2. Give your mother a live plant. If your mom is a green thumb, consider giving her a new plant for her collection.

3. Design and plant a garden.

Give her the gift of a small garden. You can buy the plants and also plant them in the ground.

4. Bring mom breakfast in bed! How about a chocolate croissant from your local bakery?

5. Cook mom a special dinner! Think about her favorite food. Here are some yummy recipes passed down through the generations—made by moms and grandmothers!

6. Bake a cake! Traditionally, children in England always baked a cake for their Mother’s Day—called Mothering Sunday. If you like this tradition, here’s a truly delicious (and better than boxed) cake recipe: Chocolate Mousse Cake. We also love Nana’s Funny Cake.

7. Make a homemade gift. Mothers love gifts from the heart! Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Lavender Sachets
  • Rose Potpourri

8. Give your mother a locket with your photos. Forget about a digital photo gift. Imagine your mother’s delight to have a beautiful locket with photos of her children. She’ll treasure it forever!

9. Give your mother jewelry with your birthstone. For example, if your birthday is in August, give your mother peridot stud earrings. She’ll always think of her dear child when she wears them.

10. Make your own card. In our home, it’s a tradition to make a homemade card every year. Here’s one way to make Homemade Note Cards.

Wondering what to write in the card? How about sharing a funny story or happy memory of you and your mom? It will make her smile.

whenever its comes in our mind that how to celebrate mothers day .its an awsm feeling.

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