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Formula related to Co-Ordinate Geometry

What is Co-ordinate Geometry?

coordinate geometry

The columns of the grid are given the letters A, B, C etc. The rows are numbered 1,2,3 etc. from the top. We can see that the X3 is in the box; That is, column D, row 3.

D and 3 are called the coordinates of the box. It has two parts: row and column. Each row has many boxes and each column has several boxes. But by having both, we can find a single box, where the row and column intersect.

Co-Ordinate Geometry Regulatory Symbol Rules

Point position x-regulator sign   y-regulator sign  Regulatory Symbol
In the first leg             +                     +        (+,+)
Second leg              –                     +        (-,+)
In the third leg              –                     –         (-,-)
In fourth leg             +                     –         (+,-)

Co-ordinate geomerty.

(1) Regulatory sign rules = (0,0)

(2) What is the x-k regulator called? = abscissa

(3) What is the regulator of y ?=Grade

(4) Regulator or x coordinate of x axis = x, 0

(5) Regulator or coordinate of y axis = 0, y

(6) The formula for the distance from the point of origin = √ x² + y²

(7) Distance formula = √ (x1-x2) ² + (y1-y2) ²

(8) On the x-axis, y = 0.

(9) x = 0 on the y-axis

बहुपद( (Polynomial function) क्या है?वास्तविक संख्या (Real number)क्या है ?

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