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Google Adsense Approval process 2019.

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Google Adsense Approval process 2019.

Hello friends, with this article today, I am going to give you some tips, with the help of which you can get the approval of Google Adsense quickly, to know friends, check this article from the beginning to the last…

Hello friends, today I will tell you some tips with the help of which you can easily take approval from google Adsense, you must read this article from beginning to end. If you like reading this, like and subscribe to this channel. So let me tell you,

google adsense

Google Adsense Account Approval process 2019.

Update: This article has been updated with the new AdSense account approval process in Decembr 2019.

It is pointless to mention again that AdSense is one of the best relevant ad networks. Until now, the AdSense approval process was simple: you create a new AdSense account, your account is reviewed, the Adsense team accepts your application, and you can apply ads to your site and start making money. Are

From now on, AdSense has changed the AdSense approval process, and made it easier for new publishers. This is the new account approval process:

when are you ready for adsense

1.The first thing is that I buy top level domains and I only use top label domains, so guys, I will get Google AdSense approval quickly. The top level domain includes a lot of domains like dot com, dot in, dot org, dot info, dot net which is the top level domain, if you guys use it then you have no problem getting Google Adsense approval. Will be…

2.To take adsense approval, we first need to have a new Gmail account. And that Gmail account should have a secret password,
After that there should be 5 to 6 unique posts on your website. After that there are some terms and conditions of the website and it is important to have contact about yourself. For approval from Google Adsense, we also need an id proof party first.Then you are ready for adsense.

3.For the approval of Google adsense, we go to Google and search adsense, then it comes in front of us.

google adsense approval
google adsense approval

4.After that, friends, we will click on Google adsense, then we will look to sign up, then we will sign up first.

                                                    google adsense

5.After that, friends, we will sign up and after horns, we ask for the URL of our website. And we have opened a new Gmail account so that you can easily understand any Google notification, after that there are two options in the last 1 Yes, send me customized help and performance suggestions.2.No, don’t send me customized help and performance suggestions. So we have to tick the first one

                                    google adsense

6.After that you have to proceed by clicking on Save and Continue and you have to enter your address and your country. Remember, you have to enter the same address that id proff will use to take adsense. After filling everything you will get a code, copy that code and go and paste it in your website.

                                      1. Make sure your website is compatible with AdSense
                                  2. Sign up for an AdSense account
                                  3. Login to your AdSense account
                                  4. Add AdSense Code
                                   5.Wait 1-2 weeks for final review and approval.

Once you add the code to your website, it will show blank ads.

In a typical scenario, it will take 48 hours to review your application. Once your application is approved, it will start showing advertisements on your blog and you will start earning money.

Note: google adsense approval

Friends, today I have told you how you can easily approve adsense from Google for your website or blog. If you have any question related to this, then you can comment in the comment box. If you liked the people, then thank you for subscribing to my channel






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