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Explained | Donald Trump impeached. What next?

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Explained. Donald Trump impeached what next?

Donald Trump impeached The US president is accused of abusing power and obstructing Congress related to the Ukraine scandal. Donald Trump became the third president in American history to impeach Wednesday night when most delegates voted in favor of two articles of impeachment by House Democrats. The articles, essentially allegations against the president, accuse Mr. Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, both related to Ukraine’s scandal.

How did the house vote?

Before the vote, it was certain that the impeachment motion would go through the House of Representatives, controlled by Democrats. In the 435-member House, Democrats have 233 members, while Republicans have 197. The House voted largely on impeachment articles along party lines. The first article received 230 votes. The tally on the second article was 229–198. Two Democrats – Reps. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Coleen Peterson of Minnesota, both districts who supported Mr. Trump in the 2016 presidential election – voted against both articles. Rape Jared Golden of Maine, who was also districted by Mr. Trump in 2016, voted for the first article, but against the second. Rape Basil Gabbard (D) of Hawaii voted “current” on both votes.

Why was Trump impeached?

Both impeachment articles relate to the Ukraine scandal, meaning the House did not consider Robert Muller’s report on Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election and the handling of Mr. Trump’s issue. The first article on the abuse of power is about Mr. Trump’s conduct in the Ukraine scandal. Democrats allege that the president pressured Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zalensky, to launch an investigation against former vice-president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden for the 2020 presidential election. The president is accused of withholding both the White House meeting and military aid to Ukraine. The article said Mr Trump “incited Ukraine’s government to publicly announce the investigation” in Mr Biden and “a defamatory doctrine” that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 presidential election

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The second article on congressional obstruction alleges that Mr. Trump obstructed congressional impeachment investigations by refusing to cooperate with it. The president, who has denied all the allegations, urged several witnesses not to testify before the House panel and to ask the White House and other government departments not to comply with the deputy dignitaries of the House. President Trump has directed “unprecedented, hierarchical and indiscriminate disobedience of sub-gatherings issued by the House of Representatives, according to” the sole power of his impeachment “, Article II states.

Trump out of office?

No. Impeachment by the House will not immediately remove a US President from office. Impeachment means that most of the delegates have approved the articles raised against the President, setting the stage for their trial in the Senate. After the trial, the senators will vote on his convictions. A president may be convicted and removed from office with the support of at least two-thirds of the Senate (ie 67 senators in the 100-member US Senate). In the current Senate, Republicans hold a majority with 53 seats, while Democrats have 47 (including two independents). This means that in order to indict Mr. Trump, Democrats must ensure that none of their senators cross the party line and at least 20 Republicans do so and vote if proven guilty – partisan in Capitol An impossibility given the mood. So far, Republicans have dismissed the charges against the president. So it is almost certain that Mr. Trump will be acquitted in the Senate.

Why then impeachment?

Democrats say it is their constitutional duty to initiate impeachment proceedings because the president’s actions threaten the constitution. The underlying message is that since the next election is less than a year away, voters can decide whether they want to re-elect the president who is impeached by the House. It is also about a bad legacy for Mr. Trump. He has gone down in history as the third president to impeach the US – the first was Andrew Johnson in 1868, a performance with Congress after being sacked as Secretary of War, and the second over Monica Lewinsky in 1998–99. Was Bill Clinton. Scandal. Both were acquitted in the Senate. Former President Richard Nixon, who was involved in the Watergate scandal, resigned in 1974 before impeachment proceedings began. So, impeachment has put Mr. Trump in a rare company. It is unclear how the impeachment will affect the 2020 election. A Wall Street Journal / NBC News poll released on Wednesday shows that Americans are split 48–48% to dismiss Mr. Trump from office. Some 90% of Republicans oppose impeachment, while 83% of Democrats support it.



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