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How to stop pragnancy after 1 month-best ways to stop childbirth

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How to terminate pregnancy after 1 month – best ways to stop childbirth

How to stop pragnancy Hello friends, welcome to Amrujalas, today we will talk about how to stop pragnancy from happening. Nowadays, it is considered very happy to have two couples who are pregnant. The biggest problem has become that before marriage they become pregnant. So today I am going to tell some home remedies to stop the pregnancy of such people, if you guys read this post completely and share it in the people too, let’s start.

In this article:how to stop pragnancy 

  • Avoiding pregnancy after one month
  • How to prevent pregnancy without surgical abortion?
  • Home remedies for early pregnancy miscarriage
  • Avoiding pregnancy with surgical abortion
  • Medical Abortion Vs. Suction aspiration
  • Recovering from a miscarriage after one month of pregnancy

While pregnancy is a happy news for many couples, it can be a source of stress or depression for others. An unplanned pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience and deciding on options can be a difficult process. Talking to a family member or friend before going to a medical professional can be helpful during this time. Here are some things to stop your pregnancy progress:

Avoiding pregnancy After one Month

The only available methods to prevent pregnancy after one month are either medical or surgical abortions. As the term suggests, medical abortion involves the use of medication to inhibit pregnancy progression. The use of drugs is considered the best way to prevent pregnancy progression as it is non-invasive in nature. The decision to stop pregnancy can be a difficult one.

Instead of allowing a month to pass, there are some ways to prevent pregnancy early. These include the use of emergency contraceptive pills taken during 48 to 72 hours of intercourse. Also known as ‘morning-morning’ pills, they are less effective as regular birth control. But this method may not prove to be effective if you are wondering how to avoid pregnancy after 1 month of sexual intercourse.

How to prevent pregnancy without surgical abortion?

There are no measures to prevent pregnancy without any form of abortion. But there are some methods that can prove effective in terminating pregnancy without the need for surgical intervention. Here are:

  • Medical Abortion

This includes using doctor-prescribed medications to prevent the fetus from developing. A gynecologist will use drugs like mifepristone and methotrexate to induce you to have an abortion. After uterine contractions, the drug should be taken one by one at specific intervals. This causes expulsion of the fetus along with bleeding. Bleeding may last up to two weeks. You may need to visit your doctor three times during this time to take the drugs according to the instructions and if the procedure is completed, verify.

  • Herbal Abortion:

Many people opt for herbal medicine to prevent pregnancy. Although many such remedies are available, they may prove to be an unsafe means of terminating pregnancy as they are a health risk. When consumed in a fixed dose, herbs like yarrow can cause miscarriage with the scientific name achillea millefolium.

  • Chemical Method:

In this method, the zygote is attached to the uterine wall as it can prevent pregnancy progression. The vaginal ring and birth control patch are two ways in which this can be done. Here, there is a change in the lining of the uterus that can prevent implantation. But this method should be a last resort and should be considered only when no one else is applicable.

  • Prostaglandin method:

In this process, certain specific hormones are injected into the uterus and this can lead to premature labor which can lead to death of the fetus and subsequent expulsion.

  • Namkeen Method:

Yet there is another infiltration process, where salt water is injected into the womb causing dehydration of the fetus. Salt ingestion can cause toxicity that is fatal to the fetus.

Home remedies for early pregnancy miscarriage

There are some natural and tried natural remedies to prevent in your early stages of pregnancy. These commonly use things like fruits and oils that must be ingested in a specific form and quantity to prevent pregnancy.

  • Papaya Fleshy and delicious papaya is a fruit that has benefits as well as drawbacks, especially for pregnant women. The fruit is rich in oxytocin and prostaglandin which are enzymes that encourage uterine contractions during labor. The fruit is also a source of phytochemicals that can affect progesterone activity. Unpasteful papaya can be consumed even if an abortion is intended


  • Cinnamon Yet another method popular among home remedies to prevent pregnancy is the use of raw cinnamon or cinnamon supplements. Compounds in cinnamon can induce labor. Since cinnamon supplements may cause allergies for some people, it is advisable to consult a doctor before proceeding.
  • Goji berries a part of Chinese medicine since ancient times, they are usually dried before consumption. Pregnant women were advised to consume these berries at the end of the third trimester to bring about labor contractions. Since these berries have been found to be harmful for pregnant women for diabetes or high blood pressure, it is better to consult a doctor to consume them.
  • Evening Primrose Oil It has many health benefits for pregnant and non-pregnant women. However, when used in a specific way, evening primrose oil can cause miscarriage. You should massage a good amount of this oil on your cervix every day and regularly take tablets containing this oil.
  • Sesame seeds A tried and tested home remedy for spontaneous abortion, the sesame seed should be soaked in water overnight before you can drink it in the morning. You can also roast sesame seeds and consume it with honey for this purpose.
  • Pineapple The presence of vitamin C and the enzyme bromelain in pineapple causes the cervix to soften and cause miscarriage. You can either eat pineapple pieces or mix them with water to make juice.

Avoiding pregnancy with surgical abortion

Surgical abortion is considered a safe method and has been in use for four decades. Although it is an accelerated procedure, it must be performed by a qualified physician in a hospital or clinic. This can be done at any time during the first quarter and not just in the first month.

1.What Is Surgical Abortions?

 How to stop pragnancy

In a surgical abortion, the devices are used to complete the procedure and you will be given a local anesthetic. Pain medications will be given during and after the procedure. It is recommended that you take someone with you to the clinic.

2.Surgical Abortion Procedure:

There are various types of surgical abortions in pregnancy depending on how far the woman is. Vacuum aspiration is done in the first month of pregnancy and up to 16 weeks while dilution and withdrawal (D&E) is done for 16 weeks. Dilation and extraction (D & X) is done after 21 weeks. Vacuum aspiration is also called suction aspiration and suction treatment.

3.Vacuum aspiration:

In this method, a diverter is used to open the cervix that has been numb with the use of a local anesthetic. The cervix is ​​then placed with a surgical instrument, while it is taped with the help of absorbent rods of various sizes. Then, a thin tube, which is attached to a pump, is inserted into the uterus via the cervix. The pump, which can be operated manually or electrically, is used to exclude uterine contents. This is followed by bleeding similar to menstruation and bleeding is complete.

Although this process takes only 15 minutes to complete, you may have to stay in the hospital for a few hours. Doctors can also prescribe antibiotics to keep the infection away.

It is possible that you will experience some side effects after suction aspiration. Dizziness, cramps, nausea and sweating are some symptoms that you may notice. Some women may notice extended or heavy bleeding, blood clots, cervical damage and even uterine perforation. If there is any tissue that remains, it can cause infection. Therefore, if you develop fever, pain or any kind of abdominal tenderness, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Medical Abortion Vs. Suction aspiration:how to stop pragnancy 

Medical abortion can be conducted for 10 weeks from the first day of your last period, while it is 12 weeks for suction aspiration. In both of these, cramps and discomfort occurring during menstruation are experienced. Both these techniques have an almost 99 percent success rate. If medical abortion fails, you will need to get a suction aspiration. When a suction aspiration fails, it may have to be repeated.

  •  Risks- 

The risk of health complications in a medical abortion is at least 10 times lower in a continuous pregnancy. It is very rare to see major problems in this type of termination. Pills used for medical abortion have been in circulation worldwide since the 1980s. Risk factors for surgical aspirations are also similar. They are the safest in the first eight weeks and problems are almost least when they occur in the first trimester.

  • Advantages-

In medical abortion, there is no need for anesthesia, surgical instruments or even a visit to the hospital. It feels more like a natural miscarriage and can be done early in pregnancy. Aspirational miscarriages see very little bleeding and can be compared to medical abortion after some time.

  • Disadvantages-how to stop pragnancy 

Medical abortions require at least two days to complete and bleeding may occur for up to two weeks. Aspiring abortions are more aggressive and require the use of anesthesia.

Recovering from miscarriage after one month of pregnancy(गर्भावस्था के एक महीने बाद गर्भपात से उबरना)

A miscarriage or termination of pregnancy after a month or more can be an emotionally and physically draining experience. It is essential that you get enough rest and nutrition to overcome this experience and gradually return to normalcy in life. Your doctor may advise you to take time off work and stay away from exercise for a while. You will need to keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and other fluids. The food you eat should be balanced and healthy to get a good dose of minerals, vitamins and protein. You will also have to avoid sexual intercourse for some time until your mind and heart are really ready. Once you move forward with the termination of pregnancy, stop thinking about it and experience guilt or negativity. Deal with your emotions in some way – talk to a dear and near person, doctor or write your thoughts in a diary.

You have to decide whether to stop or terminate the pregnancy and it is best to do it in consultation with a doctor. This can help prevent infection and any long-term complications. If you do this on your own and face complications such as excessive bleeding or unusual pain, do not hesitate to seek medical help immediately! In addition, be sure to use adequate contraceptive and other birth control measures to prevent the need for future abortions. Many miscarriages can take a toll on your health and cause problems in carrying a pregnancy in the future.

Disclaimer:how to stop pragnancy 

This information is not intended as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified professional.

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