Milan vs Juventus Zlatan Ibrahimovic elevated Cristiano Ronaldo from Serie A to AC Milan as Stan Juventus. - Amar Ujalas

Milan vs Juventus Zlatan Ibrahimovic elevated Cristiano Ronaldo from Serie A to AC Milan as Stan Juventus.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic elevated Cristiano Ronaldo from Serie A to AC Milan as Stan Juventus.

Milan vs Juventus Juventus wasted a chance to clear 10 points at the top of Serie A as the defending champions took a two-goal lead to defeat Lazio 4-2 at AC Milan on Tuesday and were inspired by Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the lakes. . The men of Maurizio Sarri started the second half with goals from Adrian Rabiot and Cristiano Ronaldo, but then Ibrahimovic won and assisted on the match.

Milan coach Stefano Pioli, who could reportedly be sacked at the end of the season, raised his hopes of European qualification by finishing fifth over Roma and Napoli. Polly told DAZN, “I don’t shy away from thinking about August 3 or the future. I’m thinking about the next game.” “There have been some hard moments, but I love what I do.”

Juve remains on track for the ninth straight title, with seven points remaining with Lazio on seven points, but can also win the race as well. The defeat prevented a seven-match win in the Turin Giants League.

Juventus maintained their dominance in the first half without success, as Leonardo Bonucci took Miralam Pajnik just three yards wide from a free-kick. At the other end of Ibrahimovic was an easy betting attempt by Wojciech Shassaini and also scored a goal.

However, France international Adrian Rabiot later fired a nice left-footed shot from the edge of the area into the top corner and scored his first Serie A goal to advance, as the reigning champions took life after the interval. The explosion at Ronaldo doubled the advantage in less than eight minutes in the second successive game, netting for the fifth consecutive game and calmly earned a 26th stint in Serie A.

But Milne was handed a lifeline at the hour mark as Bonuki was punished for handball, and Ibrahimovic stepped in to score his sixth goal since returning to the San Siro from the San Galaxy in January. The 38-year-old scored back-to-back games with a goal and an assist in the 66th minute, allowing Frank Casey to score with a neglected strike.

Incredibly, Milan completed the turnaround with their third goal in five minutes as Rafael Liao defeated Szaskany in the pass post. Ante Rebic had a great chance to make it 4–2 with 12 minutes remaining, but Szeni did well to save with his boot, with the Croatian International starting the season two points later. With his 10th league goal.

Lazio faltered again

Earlier, Lazio, who lost 3–0 to Milan over the weekend, lost their second straight to Lacey 2–2. Defender Patrick linked Lazio’s problems with injury time as he was dismissed for cutting Lacey’s Guilio Donati and could impose a lengthy ban, especially with strict COVID-19 regulations.

“Our dream should be to continue, mathematically qualified for the Champions League,” Lazio coach Simone Ingegi told Sky Sportia. “We hope to achieve this as soon as possible, but this is our only objective.”Milan vs Juventus

Lasse ended the dramatic six matches he had lost so he could exit the logic zone. The striker was without suspension against Lezio Milne without Kero Immobel and Felipe Caddo, but both played a part as the latter gave the audience a fifth minute immediately after Lassie’s midfielder Marco Manchu’s strike in handball. Was done by VAR for. .

But the hosts held a deserved draw at the half-hour mark when Senegal saw Khuma Babkar cross home Filippo Falco. Lazio survived a massive scare in the stroke of half-time as Lasse was punished for a controversial handball against Patrick, but Manchos put his spot-kick on the crossbar.

Lasse center-back Fabio Lucioni gave the home team an early lead at the start of the second half. Patrick’s crazy moment came in the third minute of overtime, when he hit Dirty on the arm.

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