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Kamatipura mumbai Red Light Area.

Kamathipura Mumbai Red Light Area: Sahmi Zindagi Biran Zindagi.

Kamathipura mumbai

Kamatipura mumbai is an old and famous red-light area located on Grant Road (East). It was given this name because of the ‘Kamathis’ (laborers) of Andhra Pradesh. Kamathipura was called Lal Bazaarin South Mumbai as the oldest British government area since 1795. Kamathipura has a total of 1 to 14 lanes and these lanes are brothels. The brothel was considered to be characterized by being completely opaque at street level, but did not have proper ventilation and the areas inside the building were very congested. Now-a-days, it is like a business profession in which there is a high need for intervention by non-governmental organizations and the government to   improve the lives of sex workers.

The Mumbai Smiles Foundation has established a community center in Kamathipura where basic counseling and art therapy such as candle making, referral services are provided. Such activities help them to relieve mental stress, giving them a chance to express their feelings and also act as a skill development activity. Mumbai Smiles aims to improve the living conditions among sex workers from Mumbai’s red-light areas and raise their mental health status as well as their children, with a special focus on victims of human trafficking. Mumbai Smiles also has a preschool education center in Khetwadi, which is specifically developed to cater to the children of victims of human trafficking.

I am returning what the world has given me, in the form of Tajbarat-o-Havdis. Yes .. Kamathipura of Mumbai is returning in a similar phase, which contains bitter feelings and experiences. Kamathipura exists amid the glare of Mumbai, a harsh slap in the face of both humanity and society. Asia’s oldest red light area is drowning in the streets of Kamathipura, forcing many women to know.

Penance on forced labor Kamatipura mumbai

It is said that when compulsion progresses beyond limits, some take the form of celebration in this condition. A rebel party. Because they are adorned on the tomb of compulsion. This celebration of the Ayyashis. It is not necessary to be a poet or a philosopher to understand the pain hidden in the ravages of that environment. To understand this, you just have to be a human being. Who does not know that their faces have crushed their beauty before prostrating. Their bodies have suppressed their soul before the fire. Her body crushes his mind before it fades. Of course, the tinkle of her curls is hollow.

Compulsions of sex worker or dancer Kamatipura mumbai 

Dressed at the threshold of assistants, this rebellious celebration has resentment rather than joy. Outrageous outrage. This outrage can be felt even before reaching the shaky roads of Kamathipura. This road leads from Chor Bazaar to Kamathipura and people reach this path, which is a startling step and is emotional. Despite realizing the danger of danger in his heart of hearts, he does not know what to do in search of dead alleys.


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