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Happy Holi 2020.

Happy Holi 2020.

happy holi 2020.Hello friends, welcome to Amarjulas, today we will talk about Holi. Friends, this is the most important festival celebrated among Hindus. People consider it with great enthusiasm. This is the festival of Rango, in which people forget all wet wet colors and embrace each other. And people share happiness with each other very much on this day.

Although every festival has its own charm, the festival of Holi is unique because of the colors that include … green, yellow, red, pink and all colors. It is one of the major festivals in India and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It falls on the full moon day in the month of Phalgun – and is also called the Spring Festival, as it marks the arrival of spring. The market place becomes colorful as heaps of colors appear on the side of the road and continue to look colorful even after the festival of colors played by children and adults in the streets and colonies.

The women start preparing sweets a few days before and with a special drink, ‘Kanji’, which is served to someone who comes to the door to make a wish. The main attraction of Holi is the mixture of ‘Ganja’, which is made by mixing a paste or mixture of leaves into a drink or food. It gives the consummate a safe ‘high’ and adds to the fun and grandeur.

Holi festival eradicates the differences of our life, this festival of colors and shades also eradicates all differences between people and religions. It helps in bringing the society together.

Holi has its own legend. The demon king, Hiranyakashyap wanted everyone to worship him, but his son Prahlada refused to do so because he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hearing this, the demon king became very angry and asked his sister Holika to take Prahlada in his arms and enter a blazing fire. But he was given a boon, which set him on fire and only Prahlada died by burning. But when Holika did so, Prabhu protected Prahlada and he died in the fire because this boon was applied only when she entered the fire alone.

From that time on, people burn a bonfire called Holika on the eve of the festival of Holi to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The next day, people play with colors and that’s why this day is called Holi with colors.

Importance of Holi worship

On this day women pray for peace, prosperity and a happy home for the children. For Holika Dahan, people collect thorn bushes or pieces of dry wood and on the eve of Holika, that bonfire is lit after auspicious time.

Holi is celebrated during the time of the year, when the fields are in full bloom and people pray for a good harvest.

Holi date and muhurat 2020

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