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What is the best and best time to visit GB Road in Delhi 2020?

What is the best and best time to visit GB Road in Delhi?

best time to visit gb road.Hello friends, welcome you all today again in Amarujalas, friends today, I will tell you what is the best time to travel to Gb road. And what time it is going to go, I will tell you all these things. You will read this post of mine completely. And if it looks good.

Answer 1:

  • I have visited GB Road about 10 times but only with my friends and here I am going to share my experience which I felt for traveling to this place in heaven.
  • The oldest and cheapest place in Delhi where you can have intercourse with decent Indian and Manipuri girls, but choosing the right place is the key to happiness.
  • Locate street number 64, which is the famous road on GB Road (Landmark: there is a popular pan maker and cigarette shop where the road starts).
  • To get through that street your speed should be around 10 km – 15 km (50 meters to find the stairs) and you have to go to the third floor (stop on the ground floor or the first floor, otherwise your money and clothes will be looted). .
  • After coming to the third floor, it is time to feel heaven filled with beautiful angels (I never think they are prostitutes).
  • You should behave like a gentleman to impress the girl because you are going to feel something great.
  • Select the girl of your choice, move towards it and make your travel intention, if she agrees then go to the next step.
  • You only get Rs. Will have to pay 300 (when I visited there and it may be a bit high but not more than Rs 500) to get the slip to play and Rs.100 tip which I always give to the girl after the game.
  • Rooms are short in size and have some time limit (maximum: 20 minutes). “Plan accordingly”
    Some girls don’t like guys who are already “drunk”, but some girls like what she likes. You will get beer and smoke at a cheap rate and if you want to spend some more time with the girl.
  • Propose him for a night stay which you will only charge 1000 bugs.
    last but not the least. The best time to visit is between 9:00 am and 12 pm. After 12.00AM people stop who would like to spend the night which is a great experience in itself.
    Now you are an experience person like me.


We climb stairs, using our mobile phones to light the way. I think the color films depicted cannot move beyond the reality of red-light areas like these. There are no kaleidoscopic windows, no neon lights, no grand bedrooms – the truth is a dark lobby filled with bolted doors on each side. And we’re knocking on one of them.

Volunteers are worried that ‘Didi’ will be offended. It’s Sunday, and they like to sleep inside. After about five minutes a young boy opens the door, and we are decorated in an open courtyard with steel utensils, wooden beds, and tricycles. Finally there are two small bedrooms with closed doors, behind which the women are sleeping.

Tanya, a 23-year-old Kat-Katha volunteer, leads the supply of the painting from under the bed. She sends them to Arunima and Aparna, who are here from the commutany, The Youth Collective (CYC), to paint a wall in the lobby. Arunima, the lead artist, wants to paint a train to take the initiative, which is a part of two organizations – Samjhauta Toh Express. Inspired by the naming of the Indo-Pak Rail Service, it tries to create awareness about how these women live and break all stereotypes.

Answer 3 :

Best time to visit gb road: 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Along with limited cash, say couple of hundreds bucks (without any smartphone and identity/credit cards) for your own safety.

And if you really want to get some fame, visit after 11 p.m accompanied by Delhi Police drunken constable!


While going on GB Road, keep a few things in mind. Avoid any hot day. The rooms are very comfortable without proper ventilation so on a hot day it becomes pathetic. The crowd remains low between 11 am and 2 pm. So, you can travel without any difficulty during that time.

And there is nothing like pimple and robbers. Just to be sure of all your belongings, go with a friend and put each other’s belongings with each other and go for them one by one.

You must enter any brothel directly to avoid any pimple or broker. In my personal opinion, 56 is very good if you go for the first time. Go to the second floor above. Go to the counter and take a token of Rs 300 and keep an extra 50-100 on you to tie the girl up for an extra blow job or extra shot. Then do not hand over the token to any girl. If they get the token then it will take too much time for them to go to the room.

Now choose a girl, in fact girls will come close to you and will make you look naughty. Therefore, chose any of them to go to the room and then handed over the token. If you know the process properly then there are no dangers like robbers and pimple. so have fun. After that you won’t have any problem.

Answer – 5:

If you ask me the best time to travel to GB Road (for first-time visitors, it’s between 1pm and 5pm. Don’t even think about going alone. And act carelessly like you would a regular customer. Are and only 350 rupees, a metro card and bus pass neither dare you to take anything else nor plz ur credit or debit card are also sectors and if you are taking more than 350 then not even a penny is.

56 and 64 are considered safe for closets. The first floor has 2 floors, you will find the old bitch (note that the people of the first floor may say that there is no second floor or some dirty dirt but walk on the second floor) Here you will find girls under 35 years old. old. .

Answer 6:best time to visit gb road 

It’s weird when writing, I’ll try to tell you the best.

I have been there two or three times

At first I went for a one-time trip of some INR 250 and a bad 30 minute bad shit.

The second time I went for a full night view, which cost 900.

The second time scene was fine if I were to compare it to the first one.
And there has been such a moment, which was different from the rest of Indono.

So yes, if you really want to go for the night enjoy the bullshit scene there. The whole night. You will come out around 5 o’clock. But you will be satisfied like the value for money! laugh loudly..

But in the first place I advise you not to hurry there.

But if you really just want to be preventive. Do not take any valuables with you and do not fall prey to pimples, go straight to 64 or 56. You don’t need anyone to get there.

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